Job Posting
Part-Time Faculty Campaign Coordinator


Employment Period is Temporary: Two Years (Special Project Full-Time Employee)

Employment State Date: Approximate – September 1, 2021

Location: CFT Office (Berkeley, Burbank or Sacramento)

Salary range: $85,764 – $119,845 (Steps 1–5 on salary schedule, depending on qualifications and experience), plus employee fringe benefit package: health, dental and vision plans and 401K retirement plan

Deadline to apply: July 31, 2021

The CFT is the California affiliate of the AFT, AFL-CIO representing education workers in public and private schools and colleges, from early childhood through higher education.

Under the general direction of the CFT President or designee, the Part-Time Faculty Campaign Coordinator for the CFT performs a wide range of tasks covering statewide advocacy, strategic planning and organizing for part-time and contingent faculty in higher education. The focus of the position is to help further the CFT’s priorities and policies with regard to the rights and benefits of part-time faculty and help to organize a campaign statewide and locally to implement these priorities.

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Part-time faculty experience in strategic campaign planning, organizing, contract development and negotiations, working knowledge of public employee collective bargaining laws and national labor relations law and practice, membership organizing and recruitment, issue campaigns and California elections
  2. Broad understanding of the critical issues and problems facing part-time and contingent faculty and higher education in California and the nation including equity pay, reemployment rights and working conditions
  3. Experience and knowledge with campaign organizing and project management
  4. Must be able to travel in a broad urban geographic area
  5. Current California driver’s license

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement part-time advocacy campaigns
  2. Help coordinate political action activity on part-time faculty issues
  3. Coordinate members to participate in legislative hearings on part-time issues, as well as to be able to testify at legislative hearings on behalf of CFT on part-time faculty issues
  4. Assist as assigned with organizing efforts involving part-time faculty
  5. Represent the CFT policy and positions on part-time faculty issues at a variety of venues
  6. Coordinate part-time faculty meetings or workshops, as assigned, at the state and local level
  7. Help to connect part-time member issues with full-time members issues at the local and state level
  8. Attend and provide support to the Community College Council Part-Time committee meetings
  9. Work cooperatively with part-time and full-time faculty and other CFT staff to carry out duties and responsibilities of the position, and coordinate support for part-time faculty equity issues among all segments of CFT
  10. Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of public and private sector labor law
  2. Knowledge of collective bargaining laws (NLRB, EERA, HEERA)
  3. Knowledge of California education law
  4. Knowledge of part-time faculty issues on equitable pay, reemployment rights, and working conditions
  5. Knowledge of CFT’s positions on higher education issues
  6. Knowledge of school finance
  7. Knowledge of AFL-CIO labor relations
  8. Knowledge of AFT/CFT special services and benefits
  9. Knowledge of supporting or fostering racial and gender diversity within all educational training
  10. Knowledge of building solidarity among different segments of educational workers
  11. Ability to write clearly and edit to audience
  12. Ability to work rapidly and accurately during rush periods
  13. Ability to strategize, organize, plan activities, and set priorities
  14. Ability to take charge and to direct, develop and coordinate activities
  15. Ability to secure relevant information and solve problems
  16. Ability to make decisions, render judgments and take appropriate action
  17. Ability to work with others
  18. Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision
  19. Ability to research work-related questions in appropriate sources
  20. Ability to analyze budgets
  21. Ability to accurately and coherently compose correspondence, basic campaign literature, flyers, and bargaining language
  22. Ability to make public presentations to audiences in a range of venues
  23. Ability to design and present training sessions
  24. Ability to set up and run phone banks

Membership in the CFT Field Representatives Union is required.

Submit letter of application, resume, references and at least three written samples to:

CFT – A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals
Attention: Leticia Castro, Director of Administrative Services
1107 9th Street, Suite 460
Sacramento, CA 95814

Or email Human Resources.

If you have any questions, please email Executive Director Sarah Callahan, or phone 510-523-5238.

The CFT is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer.