Part-time instructors at Allan Hancock College negotiated an 8 percent pay increase over the next two years starting this spring when all part-time academic employees received a 4 percent salary increase. They will get a 2 percent raise this fall and another in fall 2016. In a tremendous boost, service faculty (counselors, librarians, and nurses) received an additional 20 percent pay increase.

This fall, part-time head coaches in the Santa Maria district will start receiving the same stipend as their full-time counterparts, and credit faculty will see a 50 percent increase in compensated office hours.

In significant non-monetary gains, the union increased the amount of compensated professional development time from 1.5 hours to 2 hours per semester for each semester-length class or its equivalent, secured a new requirement that part-time faculty be informed in writing about the purpose of a meeting with a supervisor or dean to allow for union representation, and added the possibility for part-time instructors to evaluate other part-timers in their discipline when no qualified full-time faculty are available. And a faculty favorite: free on-campus parking.