The San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers redirected some funds allocated for an all-faculty raise to the addition of a new step on the part-time faculty salary schedule, bringing nearly 55 percent of part-time faculty a 1.2 percent pay increase. The union also negotiated that part-timers who attend flex days will receive a full day’s pay for six hours of participation.

In 2013, after Proposition 30 funds reached the district, the union’s negotiations team achieved an increase in pro rata pay for part-timers from 65 percent to 65.75 percent. Part-timer compensation thereby rose by approximately 1.1 percent above and beyond the increase received by all faculty. Six years earlier, the local had bargained successfully to move part-timers onto the full-time salary schedule at pro rata amounts, resulting in pay raises up to 22 percent for part-time faculty.