> Part-timers at Victor Valley College made tremendous gains in their last negotiations cycle, moving from a flat rate for adjunct instructors to a four-column salary schedule that mirrors the full-time faculty schedule. Members of the AFT Part-Time Faculty Federation, Local 6286, will see pay raises ranging from 1.6 percent for those fulfilling minimum requirements to almost 12 percent (plus a $100 per unit stipend) for those with PhDs.

> Allan Hancock College part-timers are building a more powerful union! The Part-Time Faculty Association of Allan Hancock College, Local 6185, signed up 112 new members since January 1, and received multiple organizing and communications awards at the AFT Convention in July.

> Part-timers in the Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers, Local 4400, are working hard to reverse the Board of Governors-imposed limits to course repeatability that have restricted access to higher education for many students. Dance instructor Sharon Took-Zozaya wants her students to benefit as they used to from ongoing access to dance and fitness classes, while theater arts instructor Susan Stewart says, “It is for student success that we are so moved to make these changes.”

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