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Amicus briefs

Some of the most respected names in education research and administration, law, civil rights, and the labor movement have weighed in against the misleading and ill-intended Vergara lawsuit. Here are briefs filed on September 16, 2015, as the case moves into the appeal court.  Click here for more on the Vergara case, what it means, and who is behind it.  


Fight for California’s Future

With the passage of Proposition 30 in the November 2012 election, California is finally looking at improved prospects. Prop 30 begins the process of reversing the massive redistribution of wealth upwards that has taken place over the past thirty years. By imposing a 1 – 3% increase on the wealthiest Californians’ income taxes, and a modest sales tax increase of 1/4 of 1%, the state budget will gain some relief and programs in education and social services will not face further savage cuts.